Gold Secrets was put together by Luke Brown one of the World of Warcraft veteran players. He gathered the whole information in his guide by interviewing all the rich players in the game and investigating all their top-secret gold making techniques. After discovering all the best strategies of making money in WoW, he started to polish them, combine them and create new and unique methods to get gold. Publishing his guide he even become hated by the gold selling companies.

Luke’s WoW Gold Guide is written in PDF format, holding more than 300 pages of pure money making content. It’s a step-by-step guide with detailed maps and illustrations that will make clear all the gold making methods. Has powerful knowledge about using and dominating the Auction House, PvE grinding and farming for items on demand and daily quests. Now, after Cataclysm, this WoW gold guide is more complete than ever.

In the Auction House control part, Gold Secrets puts into view the following aspects:

  • What to buy, how to buy, when to buy, when to sell and how to sell;
  • How to make money by selling limited items found on vendors;
  • How to analyze your server’s market and dominate it;
  • How to identify what are the items on demand on your server, that can be bought for very little gold and sold for huge amounts of money;
  • How to earn gold even if you’re starting with a couple of silver and on a level 1 character.

With the farming aspects covered, Gold Secrets makes a reference to:

  • Step-by-step farming path, with screenshots, maps and locations for the best farming spots;
  • Locations for mobs that can be repeatedly killed to amass tons of gold as fast as possible, mobs that no one knows about and you won’t have any competition;
  • Where and how to get into possession of items that everyone wants but they aren’t easy to get;
  • Shows where to farm rare patterns sellable for high prices.

Gold Secrets also has detailed money path for daily quests. This guide describes exactly what are the worthy quests to accept and complete, to consume minimum time and earn the maximum money rewards possible. Doing dailies, not only that you’ll get nice money, you’ll also get reputation with certain factions and access to amazing epic items, recipes and enchantments.

If you like to be a crafter, you are not left behind. Gold Secrets offers all the knowledge you need to generate gold, regardless which are the professions you choose. 

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To make his WoW Gold Guide more complete, the author offers no less than 7 bonuses:

  1. First on the list is the Auctioneer’s Resource, an add-on and a series of tactics for Auction House domination based on using this add-on;
  2. The Profit Chart reveals the best areas for gold, loot, materials and rare materials. All all levels are covered in this section of the guide;
  3. Fishing Facts – a fishing guide that reveals all the locations for the most expensive fish and also a full list of tips to improve the chances for winning the weekly Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza;
  4. Twink Profits – a guide for the twink market of the game which shows all the BoE items for low level character, desired by the players who want to roll battlegrounds with extremely “pimped” characters;
  5. Access to the Gold Message Boards – a board only for the owners of Gold Secrets, where anyone can put into view all the newest and hottest farming tips;
  6. Lifetime Subscription to the WoW Gold Letter – every owner of Gold Secrets will benefit from a newsletter email with alerts on new farming methods;
  7. Free Lifetime Updates – as World of Warcraft is continuously changing, Gold Secrets will be always fully updated, on all the money making aspects of the game.

Combining the information comprised in the 4 sections of the guide (farming, AH trading, crafting/gathering and completing daily quests), gold won’t be a problem anymore for any WoW player. Here are just a few things you should expect when using this guide:

  • You will learn how to make 10.000g per week with ease;
  • You will be able to buy the 310% riding skill for all your characters and also the fanciest flying mounts that gold can buy, like the Vial of the Sands which turns you into a drake allowing you to transport a group member;
  • You will be able to acquire all the expensive epic gear regardless of price;
  • All the expensive professions like Blacksmithing, Enchanting or Engineering will be a walk in the park to level up;
  • You will be able to maximize all the reputations that can be maximized with gold. For example, you need about 50,000 gold to get “the Insane” title which can be obtained by reaching exalted with a number of obscure factions in the game;
  • Consumables will no longer be a problem. You will even be able to supply your whole raiding team with flasks, foods or other expensive consumables;
  • You will be able to afford any item enchantment, even Landslide, Power Torrent or Windwalk which currently sell for outrageous 15k gold, or craft them yourself to sell.


Let’s take a look now at the aspects that makes this WoW gold guide better than other guides:

  • It teaches you how to make 10,000 per week, easily;
  • It covers all the gold gathering aspects of the game;
  • It’s a PDF and you can print it if you want;
  • It’s player oriented, doesn’t contain any scripts of fancy addons, difficult to use or that will make your game interface glitchy;
  • It provides lifetime updates;
  • Does not require any monthly fees;
  • Works for players of all levels, beginning with level 1;
  • Comes with nice free bonuses.

Many players want videos nowadays. Unfortunately, Gold Secrets is based on screenshots and maps, when it comes to farming gold. However, the guide is written in such a simple manner, that no one using it should need any videos.

Gold Secrets is a complete mastery guide, up to date, covering all the expansions of the game. It’s a solid gold making guide, player oriented, that will teach you how to make all the gold that you will ever need. Doesn’t require the use of any sophisticated addons or scripts, it’s cheat free and works for any player from level 1 to 85. I strongly recommend it to anyone that wants to make a lot of gold combining AH trading with farming, crafting and daily quests at maximum.

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