20K Leveling was put together by a veteran World of Warcraft player – Gladiator Markco, which has been playing this game since the release. Investing all his WoW experience, he built quite a complete WoW gold guide. Currently, he works along with a team of pros at maintaining and updating this WoW gold guide.

I know that 20K Leveling sounds like a leveling guide, but it’s a WoW gold making guide. The author had his reasons to name it like that, probably because he have a method to make 20K gold while you level your character. Anyway, I had to make this aspect clear, so I repeat – 20K Leveling is a WoW gold guide.

Most of this guide is online, so once you complete a purchase, you will receive instant membership. However, some sections of the guide are downloadable PDFs, which you can even print if you want.

This WoW gold guide is, as I said, a complete guide. It covers all the gold making aspects of the game and it is fully updated for Cataclysm. So, here are its main features:

  • It covers 50 economic and Auction House money making strategies, starting with the Auction House basics to advance trading techniques. Two important addons will become your main tools while applying all the AH gold making methods;
  • It teaches you how to take advantage of every opportunity to make gold while leveling up. Knowing all this, by the time you reach the level cap with your character, you will already have a at least 20-25k gold, being ready to gear up with the best epics for sale;
  • It explains in-depth and shows how to work with 17 addons to make gold and to play your character at maximum efficiency in any situation;
  • Covers the pure farming part, revealing 39 best farming spots in the game, for players that like the old fashioned way of making gold;
  • It provides an excellent daily quests routine, which takes roughly 15 minutes per day to make a couple of hundred gold in cash;
  • The crafting part also has a section reserved in the 20K Leveling Guide. This section shows the best combinations of professions, revealing multiple, very profitable gold making strategies, possible via gathering and crafting. 300 items and materials are discussed here, and their importance for the game supply and demand put into view;
  • 20K Leveling contains 2.5 hours of videos that will make every bit of information so much easier to understand and apply;
  • It comes with FREE lifetime membership. You will never be asked to pay any monthly fees;
  • This WoW gold guide is updated very often and all the updates are FREE. Regardless if there was a new patch or expansion, updates will never be late;
  • It’s risk free – it comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

After learning all the gold making lessons package and applying all the resources to make gold, you will be able to:

  • Supply your whole raid with consumables and even expensive enchants like Landslide or Windwalk;
  • Buy all the expensive mounts and get the Master flying skill for every alt;
  • Gear up your characters with all the epic equipment that you can find at the Auction House;
  • Maximize any crafting profession without even moving from a main city to farm any resource, in the shortest time possible;
  • Complete dailies following the easiest route, but with the highest gold earnings;
  • Buy raid or instance boosts from top guilds or arena boosts from gladiators, in case you don’t want to join a guild.

What I like the most at this Cataclysm gold guide is the fact that it covers pretty much every aspect of gold making in the game. Farming, AH trading, daily quests, making gold while leveling, making gold with professions, it’s all there. This makes 20K Leveling a complete and solid gold making guide. Also, it stands out of the crowd with the 2,5 hours of video guides, which not many other gold guides provide. These will make everything more clear and easy to apply. Another aspect I really like is the fact that you will get free updates for life for any patch and even whole expansions. For example, the Cataclysm update was completely free to current owners. This is really cool!

There aren’t many downsides regarding 20K Leveling since it’s a complete guide and covers all the gold making aspects of the game. The one I have to mention is that it relies on quite a few addons. If you’re one of the players that don’t like to use addons at all, you might not like it. But nowadays, World of Warcraft can’t be played efficient without addons.

To conclude, I can say that 20K Leveling is a complete WoW gold guide. Its main gold making methods focus on Auction House trading, but it also covers farming, daily quests and gold making with professions. Provides videos and explains addons which will maximize your gold farming. More than that, it covers methods that fit to any class and any level. Combining all the gold making methods covered by this guide, any players will become a redutable gold farming machine.

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