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We are here to help you choose the most effective WoW gold guide and to save you a lot of time and money. We have tested and analysed the most powerful World of Warcraft gold guides, and we sum up the results of our research in the following reviews:

Cataclysm Scalper

Cataclysm Scalper

Rank: #1
Rating: 10/10
Price: $37
Website: Cataclysm Scalper

Probably the best WoW gold guide EVER! Cataclysm Scalper is about being smart and not about endless grinding for gold. Now, it’s time to change your approach to making gold in World of Warcraft and forget about the 12 hour farming shifts! The comprehensive video-based tutorials will teach you how to dominate the Auction House… read the full review

Tycoon Gold Addon

Tycoon Gold Addon

Rank: #2
Rating: 9/10
Price: $39
Website: Tycoon Gold Addon

Finally, a WoW gold guide addon that really works. There are many proven strategies to make gold in WoW, but only a few are profitable on a particular server. The addon will tell you exactly what gold making strategies are the most effective on YOUR server RIGHT NOW! It’s the only tool you’ll need to quickly become the TYCOON of your server… read the full review

20K Leveling

20K Leveling

Rank: #3
Rating: 9/10
Price: $37
Website: 20K Leveling

This is the guide for all the players who are tired of relying on only one method to make gold. Everithing is covered and well explained: AH trading, loot farming, professions, make gold while leveling, addons, etc. Basically, it takes you from a level 1 flat-broke character to a filthy rich World of Warcraft player… read the full review

Gold Secrets

Gold Secrets

Rank: #4
Rating: 8/10
Price: $27
Website: Gold Secrets

As the title suggest, this is a collection of secret places to find loot or materials and secret techniques to manipulate the Auction House in your advantage. Either you want to kill for loot, to gather resources or to sharp your trader skills, this guide have it all… read the full review

WoW Schools

WoW Schools

Rank: #5
Rating: 8/10
Price: $17
Website: WoW Schools

WoW Schools is an Auction House based gold making course, that will teach you, through a set of lessons, how to dominate the AH trading on any server. It fits to any faction, race or class, and works even for a character started from scratch… read the full review

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Cataclysm ScalperWhen I first came across Cataclysm Scalper, the first thing that came to mind was “Great, yet another WoW Gold Guide that doesn’t work!” If you’re like me, you’ve come across those tired old guides that tell you nothing that you don’t already know. Worse still, there are some out there that promote farming for loot as the best way to get rich on your server. Well, I don’t know about you, but I hate farming in the same zones over and over again for hours at a time just hoping for that one rare drop that never seems to happen.

Well the one thing that caught my attention about Cataclysm Scalper was that it only focused on one strategy to make WoW gold: the Auction House. When I saw that, I knew he was on to something. I had long suspected that the elite players on my server utilized some kind of AH strategy to power their way towards the very top of the rankings. After all, I had started at the very beginning of the launch of the server, played way more than the average player every day since, and yet found myself lagging behind because I never had enough gold to get the gear I needed to progress! All the while, I was observing people who started weeks or even months after I did power their way past me into the upper echelons of the server, buying all the best gear along the way.

Ultimately, what persuaded me to purchase Cataclysm Scalper wasn’t all the hype about making hundreds of thousands of WoW gold in a matter of days. I figured that if I could just clear the same amount of what I was already making by farming for hours, I’d be happy. And if I couldn’t I was protected by the 60 day money back guarantee anyway.

My Personal Experience With Cataclysm Scalper

What really impressed me about how Cataclysm Scalper is laid out was that everything is explained in a clear, step by step manner. I’m certainly not a newbie by any means, but there was a lot of little tricks and tips in there that I didn’t know. This is not a rehash of any other WoW gold guide out there, in fact it’s very different from the strategies that you will learn anywhere else. There are also video tutorials on every single step of the process that you can use to make lots of WoW gold, which I particularly liked because I’m much more of a watcher than a reader.

Cataclysm Scalper WoW Gold Guide

The first thing I learned was that I didn’t have to stay on top of every single minute detail of the Auction House and the thousand and one items that were being bought and sold at any given time. Cataclysm Scalper showed me the little known add ons that all the pro players use to master the art of trading their way to huge amounts of WoW gold. It also broke down all the skills and recipes I needed to master to take advantage of the discrepancies in prices of the hot selling items on the AH. Ultimately, it trained me to think like a gold trader instead of a gold farmer, and believe me when I say that there’s a world of difference!

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My Recommendation On Cataclysm Scalper

The great thing about Cataclysm Scalper is that you don’t have to master the trading of every single hot selling item to profit! You just start out by learning a few easy “scalps” that suit your character, realm and style of play, and you’ll be making a lot more WoW gold instantly. As you get on top of these trades, you’ll be able to run them like clockwork while adding new ones to your repertoire to increase your gold earnings exponentially over time. The sky is truly the limit with the Cataclysm Scalper, so don’t risk missing out on this because once everyone on your server gets their hands on this remarkable WoW gold maker, opportunities will be scarce.

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Why Waste Your Time *Learning* Gold Strategies When You Can Have
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WoW Tycoon Gold AddonFirst of all, let me clarify one thing about the Tycoon Gold Addon. This is not a gold buying service, nor is it a bot that will farm your gold for you. Clearly these are illegal and any self respecting WoW user should not go near these with a ten foot pole.

What I AM talking about is a 100% LEGAL method for earning more gold that you have ever seen in your life! Make no mistake, this is a gamechanger, instantly leveling the server’s playing field between the elite top players and the newbies. INSTANTLY!

I know, you’ve heard it all before. That’s exactly what I thought when I came across the Tycoon Gold Addon – “This just sounds too good to be true”. In fact, over the years, I’ve bought more than my fair share of gold guides claiming to be the next “millionaire maker” only to discover that these strategies were either long outdated or simply theorycraft with no way of working in reality.

Of course, not every WoW gold guide is a total waste of money, but have you ever just wished that there’s an EASIER way of getting gold? I mean sure, the theory is good, but constantly seeking out the best farming spots, running around like a headless chicken gathering items, memorizing auction house prices and trying to work out what the best crafting items are…

That’s just so much WORK!

To tell you the truth, I didn’t give the Tycoon Gold Addon another thought the first time I encountered it. I just went on with everything that I was doing to earn gold up to that point, and if it wasn’t for a chance email I would still be earning far less than I am right now. It all changed when one of my WoW buddies sent me an email titled: “OMG YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS”. I thought it was some funny video, but it turns out it was just two simple screenshots of his gold.

One was taken a week before, and showed his gold balance at 1,249…

The next was taken on that day, and his gold had grown to a MASSIVE 108,485!!!

I literally picked up the phone right there and then and begged him for his secret. Of course he wouldn’t tell me and kept insisting that it was his “skill”. I finally got it out of him that it was the Tycoon Gold Addon that he downloaded just a week ago. At that point I was seriously kicking myself, it was 3 WEEKS before that I had found out about it and I DID NOTHING.

I could have been a gold millionaire by now!!!

So I immediately went to the website, bought the Tycoon Gold Addon and installed it. In less than a minute it was up and running, then I booted up my WoW client and used the Tycoon to do a scan. All of a sudden I was hit with all this new data that frankly blew my mind! First of all, there was this whole list of underpriced auction house items that I brought up. It showed me an EPIC item that the owner obviously forgot to add a zero to the end of. So I bought it, went to collect it in the mail and then flipped it around for 10x the price. Instant 900% profits and that was by far the most gold I had ever cleared in ONE TRANSACTION ever!

Not bad for a couple of minutes work…

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After having some more fun with the Tycoon Gold Addon Auction House Module, I turned my attention to the Crafting Module. It was able to tell me instantly what the most in demand items on the server was, I’m talking about rabid buyers paying well over the odds for it. Seemed like a good idea to start gathering up these ingredients and making some serious moolah. So I was pleasantly surprised when I was able to load up the Gathering Module to get an optimized route for me to gather up the HOT ingredients I needed to create my high profit items to sell at well over the odds. WOW!

Tycoon WoW Gold Guide

Right now, if you’re still struggling with your dated WoW gold guides, here’s my advice: forget about them. There’s no way that old-school gold farming can even come close to competing with anyone using the Tycoon Gold Addon. And the longer you put off making this investment, the more you are going to get left behind. So join me in enjoying the benefits of the revolutionary Tycoon Gold Addon RIGHT NOW!

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20K Leveling was put together by a veteran World of Warcraft player – Gladiator Markco, which has been playing this game since the release. Investing all his WoW experience, he built quite a complete WoW gold guide. Currently, he works along with a team of pros at maintaining and updating this WoW gold guide.

I know that 20K Leveling sounds like a leveling guide, but it’s a WoW gold making guide. The author had his reasons to name it like that, probably because he have a method to make 20K gold while you level your character. Anyway, I had to make this aspect clear, so I repeat – 20K Leveling is a WoW gold guide.

Most of this guide is online, so once you complete a purchase, you will receive instant membership. However, some sections of the guide are downloadable PDFs, which you can even print if you want.

This WoW gold guide is, as I said, a complete guide. It covers all the gold making aspects of the game and it is fully updated for Cataclysm. So, here are its main features:

  • It covers 50 economic and Auction House money making strategies, starting with the Auction House basics to advance trading techniques. Two important addons will become your main tools while applying all the AH gold making methods;
  • It teaches you how to take advantage of every opportunity to make gold while leveling up. Knowing all this, by the time you reach the level cap with your character, you will already have a at least 20-25k gold, being ready to gear up with the best epics for sale;
  • It explains in-depth and shows how to work with 17 addons to make gold and to play your character at maximum efficiency in any situation;
  • Covers the pure farming part, revealing 39 best farming spots in the game, for players that like the old fashioned way of making gold;
  • It provides an excellent daily quests routine, which takes roughly 15 minutes per day to make a couple of hundred gold in cash;
  • The crafting part also has a section reserved in the 20K Leveling Guide. This section shows the best combinations of professions, revealing multiple, very profitable gold making strategies, possible via gathering and crafting. 300 items and materials are discussed here, and their importance for the game supply and demand put into view;
  • 20K Leveling contains 2.5 hours of videos that will make every bit of information so much easier to understand and apply;
  • It comes with FREE lifetime membership. You will never be asked to pay any monthly fees;
  • This WoW gold guide is updated very often and all the updates are FREE. Regardless if there was a new patch or expansion, updates will never be late;
  • It’s risk free – it comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee.

After learning all the gold making lessons package and applying all the resources to make gold, you will be able to:

  • Supply your whole raid with consumables and even expensive enchants like Landslide or Windwalk;
  • Buy all the expensive mounts and get the Master flying skill for every alt;
  • Gear up your characters with all the epic equipment that you can find at the Auction House;
  • Maximize any crafting profession without even moving from a main city to farm any resource, in the shortest time possible;
  • Complete dailies following the easiest route, but with the highest gold earnings;
  • Buy raid or instance boosts from top guilds or arena boosts from gladiators, in case you don’t want to join a guild.

What I like the most at this Cataclysm gold guide is the fact that it covers pretty much every aspect of gold making in the game. Farming, AH trading, daily quests, making gold while leveling, making gold with professions, it’s all there. This makes 20K Leveling a complete and solid gold making guide. Also, it stands out of the crowd with the 2,5 hours of video guides, which not many other gold guides provide. These will make everything more clear and easy to apply. Another aspect I really like is the fact that you will get free updates for life for any patch and even whole expansions. For example, the Cataclysm update was completely free to current owners. This is really cool!

There aren’t many downsides regarding 20K Leveling since it’s a complete guide and covers all the gold making aspects of the game. The one I have to mention is that it relies on quite a few addons. If you’re one of the players that don’t like to use addons at all, you might not like it. But nowadays, World of Warcraft can’t be played efficient without addons.

To conclude, I can say that 20K Leveling is a complete WoW gold guide. Its main gold making methods focus on Auction House trading, but it also covers farming, daily quests and gold making with professions. Provides videos and explains addons which will maximize your gold farming. More than that, it covers methods that fit to any class and any level. Combining all the gold making methods covered by this guide, any players will become a redutable gold farming machine.

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Gold Secrets was put together by Luke Brown one of the World of Warcraft veteran players. He gathered the whole information in his guide by interviewing all the rich players in the game and investigating all their top-secret gold making techniques. After discovering all the best strategies of making money in WoW, he started to polish them, combine them and create new and unique methods to get gold. Publishing his guide he even become hated by the gold selling companies.

Luke’s WoW Gold Guide is written in PDF format, holding more than 300 pages of pure money making content. It’s a step-by-step guide with detailed maps and illustrations that will make clear all the gold making methods. Has powerful knowledge about using and dominating the Auction House, PvE grinding and farming for items on demand and daily quests. Now, after Cataclysm, this WoW gold guide is more complete than ever.

In the Auction House control part, Gold Secrets puts into view the following aspects:

  • What to buy, how to buy, when to buy, when to sell and how to sell;
  • How to make money by selling limited items found on vendors;
  • How to analyze your server’s market and dominate it;
  • How to identify what are the items on demand on your server, that can be bought for very little gold and sold for huge amounts of money;
  • How to earn gold even if you’re starting with a couple of silver and on a level 1 character.

With the farming aspects covered, Gold Secrets makes a reference to:

  • Step-by-step farming path, with screenshots, maps and locations for the best farming spots;
  • Locations for mobs that can be repeatedly killed to amass tons of gold as fast as possible, mobs that no one knows about and you won’t have any competition;
  • Where and how to get into possession of items that everyone wants but they aren’t easy to get;
  • Shows where to farm rare patterns sellable for high prices.

Gold Secrets also has detailed money path for daily quests. This guide describes exactly what are the worthy quests to accept and complete, to consume minimum time and earn the maximum money rewards possible. Doing dailies, not only that you’ll get nice money, you’ll also get reputation with certain factions and access to amazing epic items, recipes and enchantments.

If you like to be a crafter, you are not left behind. Gold Secrets offers all the knowledge you need to generate gold, regardless which are the professions you choose. 

Visit Luke Brown’s Website and Find More about the Gold Secrets System! 

To make his WoW Gold Guide more complete, the author offers no less than 7 bonuses:

  1. First on the list is the Auctioneer’s Resource, an add-on and a series of tactics for Auction House domination based on using this add-on;
  2. The Profit Chart reveals the best areas for gold, loot, materials and rare materials. All all levels are covered in this section of the guide;
  3. Fishing Facts – a fishing guide that reveals all the locations for the most expensive fish and also a full list of tips to improve the chances for winning the weekly Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza;
  4. Twink Profits – a guide for the twink market of the game which shows all the BoE items for low level character, desired by the players who want to roll battlegrounds with extremely “pimped” characters;
  5. Access to the Gold Message Boards – a board only for the owners of Gold Secrets, where anyone can put into view all the newest and hottest farming tips;
  6. Lifetime Subscription to the WoW Gold Letter – every owner of Gold Secrets will benefit from a newsletter email with alerts on new farming methods;
  7. Free Lifetime Updates – as World of Warcraft is continuously changing, Gold Secrets will be always fully updated, on all the money making aspects of the game.

Combining the information comprised in the 4 sections of the guide (farming, AH trading, crafting/gathering and completing daily quests), gold won’t be a problem anymore for any WoW player. Here are just a few things you should expect when using this guide:

  • You will learn how to make 10.000g per week with ease;
  • You will be able to buy the 310% riding skill for all your characters and also the fanciest flying mounts that gold can buy, like the Vial of the Sands which turns you into a drake allowing you to transport a group member;
  • You will be able to acquire all the expensive epic gear regardless of price;
  • All the expensive professions like Blacksmithing, Enchanting or Engineering will be a walk in the park to level up;
  • You will be able to maximize all the reputations that can be maximized with gold. For example, you need about 50,000 gold to get “the Insane” title which can be obtained by reaching exalted with a number of obscure factions in the game;
  • Consumables will no longer be a problem. You will even be able to supply your whole raiding team with flasks, foods or other expensive consumables;
  • You will be able to afford any item enchantment, even Landslide, Power Torrent or Windwalk which currently sell for outrageous 15k gold, or craft them yourself to sell.


Let’s take a look now at the aspects that makes this WoW gold guide better than other guides:

  • It teaches you how to make 10,000 per week, easily;
  • It covers all the gold gathering aspects of the game;
  • It’s a PDF and you can print it if you want;
  • It’s player oriented, doesn’t contain any scripts of fancy addons, difficult to use or that will make your game interface glitchy;
  • It provides lifetime updates;
  • Does not require any monthly fees;
  • Works for players of all levels, beginning with level 1;
  • Comes with nice free bonuses.

Many players want videos nowadays. Unfortunately, Gold Secrets is based on screenshots and maps, when it comes to farming gold. However, the guide is written in such a simple manner, that no one using it should need any videos.

Gold Secrets is a complete mastery guide, up to date, covering all the expansions of the game. It’s a solid gold making guide, player oriented, that will teach you how to make all the gold that you will ever need. Doesn’t require the use of any sophisticated addons or scripts, it’s cheat free and works for any player from level 1 to 85. I strongly recommend it to anyone that wants to make a lot of gold combining AH trading with farming, crafting and daily quests at maximum.

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